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Spanish Trail

A corridor of the Old Spanish National Historic Trail passes near Quail Park Lodge.

On December 13, 1829, a 60-man, 100-mule trade caravan led by Antonio Armijo of Santa Fe spent the night east of Kanab at a site referred to in Armijo’s diary as “pueblo colorado” (red village). The night of Dec. 14th was spent on present-day Kanab Creek, in the Kanab/Fredonia area, and it is generally believed Pipe Spring was the site of their Dec. 15th camp.

The success of Armijo’s venture led to regular trade caravans using varying routes between Santa Fe and California. Travelers generally followed ancient Native American trails, but the name “Old Spanish Trail” became common. In 2002, Congress designated the trail network as the Old Spanish National Historic Trail because of its importance in development of the United States.

More information is available from the website of the Old Spanish Trail Association, a non-profit organization that studies, protects and promotes the trail:

Old Spanish Trail sites in Southern Utah:







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