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Toroweap Day Tour - North Rim of Grand Canyon

Imagine standing 3000 vertical feet above the Colorado River on the edge of the grand canyon, no one else in sight. It is truly Toroweap View - Day Tourbreathtaking; the sheer drop, dramatic! Equally impressive are the volcanic features, cinder cones and lava flows, which make this viewpoint unique in Grand Canyon National Park. Renowned Lava Falls Rapid is just downriver and can easily be seen and heard from the overlook.

Toroweap, a Paiute term meaning "dry or barren valley," refers to many local features, including the geologic formation and fault, the valley, and the overlook. Tuweep came into use to describe the local white settlement and later the park district. Tuweep in Paiute refers to "the earth," but this place name may be derived from a longer Paiute word meaning "long valley."

Since the National Park Service manages the area for its primitive values, improvements and services are minimal which is why a visit to this area can be very challenging.

It is the most sheer viewpoint in the park. We are proud to be partnered with the exclusive Toroweap tour provider for Southern Utah and Northern Arizona. Toroweap, or Tuweep as it is also known, has been featured by National Geographic. Your tour will We will pick you up at the Quail Park Lodge in the morning, a picnic lunch will be provided and enjoyed near the rim.

6hrs. Adults $180, Children 15 and under $90. Minimum $360. EMAIL or call us (435) 215-1447 info@quailparklodge.com

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Kanab Overlook Tour

If you want a short, but interesting tour, we have an adventure for you! We will drive through a beautiful hidden canyon with magnificent scenery to the top of the Vermillion Cliffs overlooking the town of Kanab. This is an excellent short sunset tour and way to end your afternoon after touring the parks or volunteering at Best Friends Animal Sancutary.

2 hrs. Adults $50, Children 15 or under $25. EMAIL or call us (435) 215-1447 info@quailparklodge.com

Mystical Slot Canyon Tour

Amazing! This 3 - 4 hour tour is a great way to experience the incredible winding, wind blown tunnels of sandstone that form these Mystical Slot Canyons located throughout the Southwest. This hard to reach gem presents a new photographic angle at every turn. Time stands still for you here.

Native Indians once lived in and around this place and left their marks lending it an aura of mysticism and wonderment. A brief tour of an underground lake and a small ruin near Best Friends Animal Society is also included.

3 hrs. Adults $80, Children 15 or under $40 EMAIL or call us (435) 215-1447 info@quailparklodge.com

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Dinosaur Track & Slot Canyon COMBO Tour

Imagine a wet vegetated oasis in a desert many times the size of the Sahara teaming with alien lifeforms! Dinosaur Game Trails frozen in time for 180 million years connect you with a strange and ancient "Utah".

The tracks combined with dazzling slick rock sandstone formations make this place a must see. On the way your tour will allow you to play in the gorgeous Coral Pink Sand Dunes and have lunch under majestic, towering Ponderosa Pines. Lastly we explore the Mystical Slot Canyon, Hidden Lake & Angels Rest Amphitheater!

6 hrs. Adults $150, Children 15 or under $75 EMAIL or call us (435) 215-1447 info@quailparklodge.com

Paria Movie Set Canyon

The tour first stops at the Paria Movie Set Canyon, with it's fantastic scenery, overlooks and movie history. Then we follow the dramatic angular Cockscomb and the muddy Paria River north via Cottonwood Canyon Road. You will see amazing overlooks such as Brigham Plains Overlook and unique rock outcroppings like Candyland, Yellow Rock, and Castle Rock.

A picnic lunch and photo session at Grosvenor's Arch. Then we check out the hoodoos of Kodachrome Basin State Park or take an easy hike down Willis Creek Slot Canyon (an awesome and easy slot with great photography) . The tour concludes with a drive down beautiful Johnson Canyon.

8 hrs. Adults $200. Children 15 and under $100. EMAIL or call us (435) 215-1447 info@quailparklodge.com

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Sunset Scenic Safari Tour

This tour features The Mystical Slot Canyon followed by a fun four wheel drive trail to the top of Kanab Overlook with gorgeous views in all directions. Catch some great shots of the Vermillion Cliffs at Sunset.

3.5 hrs. Adults: $90, Children 15 and under $45. EMAIL or call us (435) 215-1447 info@quailparklodge.com

Ancient Native America Rock Art and Ruins

Southern Utah and the Kanab area has many great sites that are off the beaten track and provide a great way to see Petroglyphs and Pictographs which connect you to those that came long before us.

4 hrs. Adults $100, Children 15 or under $50. OR 8 hrs $170, Children 15 or under $85 EMAIL or call us (435)215-1447 info@quailparklodge.com

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